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    Hi, In September I will have been here 4 years (two with PR) Can anyone tell me how long it takes from taking the test and applying, to having citizenship granted? After that how long do you have to wait for a ceremony? I'm in Unley. Has anyone had a private ceremony? Also can I take the test bafore I formally apply?

    Thank you for reading my post.:)

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    These days you have to put your application in and once it has been received you will be sent a date for the interview and test, usually within a few weeks of the application being accepted. At the interview they check your original documents and you take the test. You have to get 15/20. A decision is made within a few weeks usually and you get a letter in the post saying citizenship will be conferred. They send the info to your local council. Most councils run a ceremony every couple of months, but if there are a lot of people you might have to wait for the next one. However once you have the letter if you are in a hurry you can ring around other councils to see if they can fit you in. My daughter had hers in Mt Barker due to needing conferral before a certain date. I emailed them and they were happy to slot her in.They just had to checkwith the government that she was eligible and get permission. Most councils will state they are too busy for the mayor to hold a private ceremony, but you can always try.

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