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    Has anyone shipped a caravan from England..

    If anyone has, How much was the shipping and the related costs when it arrived here..


    Want to buy one here but they are so expensive!!

    any advice please



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    Guest spongebob



    I would like to know what you decided to do regarding your caravan situation. From what you say buying a caravan in Oz is very very expensive. We have a really nice 6 berth caravan and am unsure whether it is best to export it to Oz or to sell it and buy one out there.


    Advantages are that we love the caravan and it would break our hearts to sell it.

    It would initially give us something to live in when we come to Oz.

    We would be able to use it for weekends away once we are settled.


    Disadvantages would be the cost of exporting it, however if caravans are expensive out there wonder if it may be years before we would be able to but another one.


    Any advice would be welcomed.


    Jennie, Julian, Abigail (11) :wubclub: Melissa (9) :o

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    Hi.. I didnt do anything further with regards to a caravan, however if I had one I would definately look into bringing it over & if you have owned it for more than 12 months, it makes things easier..


    Not many caravans here have toilets/showers, unless you look at very expensive ones, & they consider this a 'new idea' !!

    You will need to consider the cost of cleaning etc if importing one & registration. ( & storage)

    Find caravans for sale in Australia on Trading Post

    look at this site, as it will give you an indication of second hand caravans etc..


    Hope this helps a bit..


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    Guest spongebob

    Found this on the AIMA web site;


    Caravans and Trailers

    ·Registration documents

    ·Purchase receipts

    ·Vehicle Import Approval

    You may obtain free admission of a non-motorised caravan, and a non-motorised box, boat or other similar trailer on the basis of one article per family per 3 years, only if you are able to satisfy the Collector of Customs at the port of entry that:

    ·You have come to Australia with the intention of taking up permanent residence, and

    ·The goods have been personally owned and used overseas for the whole of the period of 12 months immediately preceding your departure for Australia

    Persons may only import caravans and trailers providing they have not imported one of the same within the last 3 years.

    Refer remarks in motor car section.

    An ‘Application For Vehicle Import Approval’ must be lodged with the Vehicle Safety Standards office in Canberra, prior to the arrival of the vehicle in Australia. This action must be undertaken as early as is possible as motor vehicles are unable to be cleared until an approved application has been obtained.


    My caravan is 3 years old so is thus free from shipping charges. Did some rough calculations:


    To rent a 3 bed house in Adelaide is approx 300 dollars a week plus amenities. There is a month's bond of approximately 1200 dollars.

    There is a breach of contract if you leave before the lease is up.

    Approximate costs based upon a 1 year lease is approx

    400 x 52 = 20,800 dollars

    20,800 + 1200 = 22,000 dollars.


    To rent a caravan pitch. The first 4 weeks are approx 159 + 16 (2 kids) dollars a week with the first month up front.

    After the first four weeks rent then drops to 135 + 16 (2 kids) dollars. Maximum stay 6 months so repeated for the next 6 months.

    Approximate costs based upon 1 year (open ended leaving dates)

    175 x 4 = 700

    151 x 22 = 3322

    Total = 4022 multiply this by 2 (for the year) = 8044 dollars.


    22,000 - 8044 = 13,956 currently this is UK £ = £7,981.24 so providing it is cheaper to ship my caravan than approx 8 grand then I am saving money plus once I get a house I still have a caravan for weekends away!!!


    Sounds positive, what does anyone think?



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    Guest smurph22

    Hi I was just wondering, did you ship your caravan, we are in the same dilema at the moment. Angx

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    Guest Nick11

    I wish we had bought our caravan over...the ones over here are pre 1970s. Even the new ones ..which cost $50,000 plus brand new are terrible, ugly and sooooooooo heavy!!!!

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    Guest trish194

    hiya just for info, if you breach your contract, agents/landlords can charge you rent only until another tenant is found. The only other costs incurred are possibly advertising costs -usually rentals fill pretty quickly. Trick is, give them a 2-3 weeks notice to find someone :)

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