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    Hi! My husband is a carpenter and we will hopefully be coming to Adelaide 2011 on a business visa, as I am a nurse. What can my husband do/prepare to help get work, as I understand some employers are not keen on temporary visas. Any ideas welcomed!

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    Hi there, I arrived in Adelaide in January and am looking for work. The best tips I can give you for before you come over here would be to sign up and create a profile on Seek & Monster/Career One as these are the main job websites.


    What then happens is you can set your criteria for work you are looking for and you willl receive an email either weekly or daily. On the odd occassion the website does give a company name, so you might want to make a note and email them directly.


    As a second tip, I would go on www.goole.com.au and key in yellow pages, then search for carpentry businesses in Adelaide. I know this sounds like a daft tip but have you allowed in your budget for a car? I have found that they are very expensive over here & you will definately need one for getting around. Not sure if Carpentry is also deemed as construction but if you are working on sites you will need a white card (for health & safety) The main car website over here is www.carsguide.com.au


    If I can be of anymore help let me know.


    Steven Flood (steven_flood@hotmail.co.uk)

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