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SA, sell it to me!!!

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    Guest libbysmum

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie on here, but have been a member on PIO for some time, after about a year of shall we shan't we's, we lodged our 175 non csl visa app in dec 09. With all the changes and the ministers issue with "hairdressers" which we have applied under, it seems SS may be the route for us to go. We were always drawn to queensland, who don't sponsor hairdressers. SA is the only other state which we may like to settle, and does sposnsor, so please all replies to this thread extremely welcome.

    Here's some info about our family, we are both 28, have two children 3 and 2. The other half is a traditinal mens barber.

    In terms of work, what is it like out there hairdressing wise? Are there traditional barber shops?? (when searching for jobs can't seem to find any specifically for mens hair) Might there be call for a more traditional mens barber shop out there, where a bloke can get a quick neat haircut in 5 minutes flat?? He also does alot of hot towel shaving etc, is there much of that at all?


    Sorry for all the questions, just thought people living out there may have a few thoughts on this.


    What is there to do in terms of activities, theme parks, wildlife parks etc for the kids, and how involved can you get a dog in everything??


    Anyways got to go, school run, already late!!!:confused:


    Cheers Sarah

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    Can't answer any specific questions about hairdressing, but from a customer's point of view, my husband goes to a traditional barber's shop and there is another one at the top of the road where a lovely old Italian guy called Vince chain-smokes his way through his barbering! So sounds like there is the demand anyway.....


    As for theme parks - sorry, not got any; wildlife parks - we've got a great zoo (we've got Pandas!) and a couple of places (Cudlee Creek and Cleland) where you can walk amongst the (native) animals, but generally the lifestyle is based on more relaxed pursuits - camping, fishing, beaches, walking, sports, cycling - plenty to do as a family, plenty to take the dog along with you, but not really bright lights and organised entertainment! With the ages of your children though, I'd say it's a good family lifestyle.

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    Guest Guest75

    Hi Sarah, Welcome to PIO:)


    I doubt if anyone will really have a go at selling SA to to you,especially at this moment.

    The exchange rate is rubbish,jobs a little harder to find,can't sell UK house,cost of living going up.... and so on.




    It depends a lot on yourselves.



    There is a very good life to be had here in SA.

    You may be financially well endowed,you may be able to live on a shoestring and makes lots out of nothing.

    Those 2 opposites do very well here.

    Harder for those who are not going to be any better off here or have to go backwards for a few years financially.


    It is all worth it to most.


    I've met /know/have good friends from all walks of life - they all knuckled down to the job of settling here ( it is a job!)


    My take on SA from a personal point.


    I love SA in all it's facets and hidden charms.

    She's is quiet and not a brash young lady such as say Brissie.

    SA is a cross between laid back / conservative / old fashioned manners and morals.


    Lots to see and do for free here , great beaches that you can have to yourself at times.

    Free BBQ areas in the parks ( just click a button) . Some great Wildlife Parks - The Gorge Wildlife Park at Cudlee Creek is our favourite.

    Lots to see and do outdoors.(don't get me started on the fishing!!)

    I'm still finding new delights after nearly 10 years here


    It's all about lifestyle and if you can survive the settling in ( give it 2 years)


    Your hubby may look for work in established hair salons, the often have a male barber working in house.


    He might even open his own shop - SA is very traditional and it sounds like your hubbie does all the traditional stuff.



    Good luck on your decision.


    Spend a lot of time looking back through threads in the forum :):)

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    Guest guest3462

    Hi there,

    I just want to say that we moved to SA 14months ago and were blown away by the whole place! When you first arrive its almost like you have been transported back in time 40 years. Everything looks so quaint....then you see the massive billboards for erectile dysfunction and get dragged back to the 21st century!!!! With a smile :-)

    There are so many things to do for the young family. Our kids were 2 and 3 when we moved and they have settled so well into aussie life. We go camping, fishing, beachwalks, parks,kangaroo hunting in the scrub and so many other wonderful activites that the girls really enjoy and they all cost nothing!!!

    SA is a beautiful state with a lot to offer and explore. We are getting round a bit and will continue to get away from it all at weekends and days off to have a look see......


    As for the business side of things, yes it is hard. Our first year in Australia was exhausting both financially and emotionally. We came on the premise that we would stay a year then re evaluate our options. We loved it and decided to stay, and it was at that point that things went belly up for us. Richards governing body decided that his qualification wasn't good enough and he would have to retrain in order to qualify as an anaesthetist here in Aus. We thought we were going to have to go back to the UK and we were devastated. But then we decided to fight for our corner and we bit the bullet and committed to completing the 2 year re training programme at significant cost to us (and we're talking many thousands of $$$)

    We were financially better off in the UK and we have had to tighten our belts considerably, having said that, we do go away camping a lot, we always have a case of wine on the rack and the kids have swimming lessons and are about to start dancing/ stage classes so it cant be that bad! We reckon that in about 5 years things will be totally turned round for us and we will be in a very comfortable financial posotion. Transferring money from the UK is an impossibility at the moment due to the appaling exchange rate.


    Cost of living I think is a bit more than in the UK, but the quality of the fresh foods is far better and we find we eat healthier because of it. In truth, after a few months of grumbling about the overpriced groceries in Coles, you just accept that that is how much they cost and buy what you need to buy. Shopping here is a bit different than going to Asda or Tesco, if you are really counting the pennies you need to shop around and look in all 3 supermarkets for their offers (you get junk mail every week telling you their weekly offers) You also get more for your money by using local grocers and butchers etc.


    We live in the southern suburbs where it is much quieter and more laid back than further north near the city. Land and property is cheaper and you can find some stunning places to settle your family down here. We built our house and when we started building it was worth $100,000 less than our UK house, now it is worth more!!!


    It is difficult to sell SA to you, in that we don't reallly know what you want to get out of it, if like us you want a great lifestyle for your family, with a great social network and less stress (eventually, as the first year for us was very stressful) then SA is a lovely place to be. We spend more time together enjoying lovely activities as a family than we ever did in the UK. We believe that we made the best choice and struggle to imagine living anywhere else.

    Really there is only one thing to say........


    SA....It's HEAPS GOOD!!!!!!

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    Guest nishman

    There are lots of franchises as well as private barbers/hair dressers in the burbs and the city itself. With a bit of persistence, I'm sure you'll have no bother landing something. Maybe even consider freelance / home service?

    We're lucky to live opposite a large reserve with the beach also on our dsoorstep so have no problems with enetertaining the dogs. The only thing you'll need to watch are the leash rules on many of the metro beaches (during the summer) and some of the parks. You'll also not be able to take them to the national parks (for the protection of the native fauna and the dog itself, as often the parks are baited to remove feral cat/fox problems)

    For us, after 4yrs we're still able to take a camping trip out over a long weekend and discover more of the state is fantastic. I still raises a smile when I see a flock of pelicans or parrots. A tourist in our own home.

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