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Football team after players!

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    I've recently started playing football with a team based out of Grange called Monarchs and we're after some more players any ability, any position and especially goalkeepers!


    Training is Monday, Wednesday and games are generally on Saturdays. If you can make it both nights then that's great, one night is great too and even if you can just make it to games.


    It's a relaxed atmosphere and a decent way to socialise.



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    Guest JandJ

    Where abouts at Grange is it mate? Don't live far from Grange and would be quite up for playing

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    Hello thanks for the replies.


    Ground is on the corner of Military Parade and Trimmer Road, Grange (near the Train station)


    It's the open age group and we have As, Bs and Cs so I wouldn't worry about a lack of fitness or anything like that and considering we're after a keeper like mad we'd be really grateful if you could come along.


    For more information ask me here or call my friend Bang who runs the C team: 0401420968


    The next training session is 6.30 Wednesday (though it might be light due to Adelaide United playing) if you come along ask for Bang (Big asian fellow, hard to miss) and just say that you heard from Jamie on Poms in Adelaide.


    Thanks alot.


    Alternatively call me on: 0403148000


    Or e-mail Bang (C's Coach) on:

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