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    We have decided with much regret to put our camper trailer up for sale. It is a 7x5 trailer with mounted camper that fold out. It has two bedroom ares, the main one with the matress on top of the trailer bed. It also has an 18 foot attachable annex. We will be sellingit with everything we have bought for it, camp kitchen, gas oven and cooktop. Chairs, fold away campbeds with built in inflatable matress. Camp table and chairs, chemical loo, the whole lot. Basically all you need to do is hook it up and go. It is a Sar Major trailer too, so good quality. We have had it for 2 years, and have spent a total of $8500.00 including buying it and getting everything we need for it. We are looking at selling for around the $5000.00 mark as ned to do some stuff in the new house and we haven't been able to use it the whole summer, so it's not getting used as much as we'd like. If someone can tell me how to put a pic up, then i will upload one.




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    Guest guest569

    :notworthy:Cheers mate !! Let the good times begin !! if you decide to have anymore kids and get short of accomodation i'll lend it back to you. LOL:biglaugh:

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