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    Guest safedisk

    Hi Everybody.


    I am after a bit of advice from 175 visa applicants if possible.


    We were going to go for a 176 visa but have decided to take the plunge and go straight for the 175 permanent residency visa.

    The initial cost upon application is $2565, but on the immigration website, a 2nd installment of $3510 is mentioned. Is this applicable to us as it is a lot of money that we were not expecting (especially due to the terrible exchange rate at the mo)?


    We are going to try and do the application ourselves, an agent just seemd like more of a drain on our money.

    Has anyone doen it on their own & is it difficult?


    Thanks in advance



    Lee - Graphics tradeperson

    Debbie - Nurse

    2 Boys 10 & 12

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    Hi Lee


    We are on a 175 visa and I think we paid something similar. I have to say though it does take a little longer but gettin PR is really important and can help you out a lot.


    We used an agent so not sure how easy/difficult it is but many people on here have done it without too many problems. We just felt it would take us longer on our own and with the new visa rules who knows when we would have got here.


    Good luck


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    No, no no!! I wondered about that too before too before we applied.

    We have applied for the 175. The second installment is only payable if you're not English speaking (if you hold a UK passport you wont need to pay this). If you have to sit the English IELTS test then yes it would need to be paid.

    Only thing we've had to pay is the 1st installment, now we have just had to pay for our police checks (35.00 each) and for the medicals (£650 for family of 5). Thats all.




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    Guest thekings

    Yeah we only paid the $2500, I had to sit the IELTS but not for the visa, it was for professional registration. We used an agent and glad we did, yes they cost (£1500) and yes you can do it yourself. We think our agent was worth the £1500, we didn't have any particular complications with our application, it was very straight forward, but then was it straightforward because we used an agent??? If I did it all again, i'd still use an agent. Check out our signature for a typical 175 time line, AND we had one medical refferred!!! but passed in the end.

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