Hazel M

Would I get any kind of bursary when training to be a midwife?

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    Just a question whilst I'm pondering my options!!


    I'm looking into training to be a midwife - here in the UK, I know I would recieve some kind of income whilst training. Would I be likely to receive anything if I train in Adelaide? We will (all being well) be arriving later in the year on a 175 (from hubby being the skilled one!).

    Just working out if it's something we'll be able to afford for me to train coz if there's no income then its going to be a no-go unfortunately.


    Any info appreciated. Thanks,



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    Hi Hazel


    Sorry I can't help with the training thing but just wanted to say that as your on PR Visa you will get considerable help being a student and with children from Centre link.

    I know that courses can be quite expensive but with the help it will make things easier but it is means tested so not sure on earnings etc.


    Centrelink - assists people to become self-sufficient and supports those in need


    You could also look at University of South Australia - quality university study and education in Australia and TAFE SA Home page

    Good luck



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    this is from the sa nursing midwifery board


    How to Become a Registered Midwife


    To become a registered midwife it is necessary to complete a Bachelor of Midwifery. The Bachelor of Midwifery can be studied either as a first degree or post registration/professional entry.

    The first degree program is studied full time over three years (or the equivalent part time). The post registration/professional entry degree program is studied full time over one year (or the equivalent part time). To be eligible for entry to the post registration/professional entry degree program applicants must be a Registered Nurse and hold a current practising certificate.

    Upon successful completion of the midwifery degree, the graduate will be eligible to apply to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of South Australia (nmbSA) for entry onto the Register. Following registration the midwife has the opportunity to gain employment as a Registered Midwife or choose to commence a transition to professional practice program (Graduate Midwife Program).



    To study at uni and to qualify for hecs (which is where to government helps with the fees) you have to be a citizen. But midwifery is a commonwealth funded course so there may be help for PR but you would still have to pay some fees, not same as uk im afraid. I know as i wanted to do a psychology degree and have put it off. fees at uni sa are $18,000 for midwifery and it would take you 3 years full time or part time equivalent. Ive provided a link might be worth ringing them yourself. No bursary either but you would be entitled to family assistance and childcare benefit/tax rebate depending on your husbands earnings, good luck xx


    Bachelor of Midwifery at UniSA

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