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    Hi guys

    I live in the Gawler area, does anyone know where I can get rid of all my household garbage. the problem is that we have been in this particular rental for the last seven weeks and we still have no rubbish bins (we were promised them the first week).

    The problem being that it is a new house and the landlord and rental agent have not got their act together to get the bins from the council so we have got loads of rubbish bags pilling up in the garage. My wife dosn't want me to take them to a tip but now we have no option as its becoming a health hazard.:embarrassed:

    Thanks in advance


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    Guest Vonne9

    Phone Gawler Council and tell them you have no bins Tele 8522 9211 and they will deliver, there should be no charge, the landlord/agent is obviously too lazy to pick up the phone! I have had my bins nicked on a couple of occasions and thats how the Salisbury Council operate I am sure Gawler would be the same.

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