Unused Brand New UK Washer and Dryer for Sale

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    Just the day before we had our furniture taken to be shipped over to Adelaide, we purchased a brand new washing machine and tumble dryer, as we were told that these two items are quite expensive to purchase here.


    Our container arrived yesterday and could not wait to use our new washing machine. I used an adapter to connect our washing machine, but it tripped the electric switch outside the house. I changed the English plug for an Australian plug and it still tripped the electric switch, so I changed it from a 10 amp Australian plug to a 15 amp Australian plug. But then found out that the actual pins were to big for my sockets. What have found out is that the rented house we are living in has only got 10 amp sockets and we cannot use any more than 10 amp plugs/applicances from the UK, we had to buy a toaster and a kettle because ours would not work, thus tripping the electric switch all the time.


    Hence we are selling both our un-used brand new Washing Machine and Tumble Dyer:


    Haus Washing Machine Price wanted $350 ($500 for both Washer & Dryer)


    Energy rating A.

    Washing performance B.

    Spinning performance C.

    Maximum spin speed 1000rpm.

    Maximum washing capacity 5kg.

    Variable washing temperature.

    Cold water fill.

    Size (H)85, (W)59.5, (D)53.5cm.

    15 programmes in total, including:

    145 minute 30 degree C cotton wash.

    34 minute quick wash.


    Rinse hold.


    Silk wash.

    Economic wash.


    Technical specifications:


    Energy consumption: 0.95kWh/cycle.

    Water consumption: 49 litres/cycle.

    Estimated annual energy consumption: 190kWh/year.

    Estimated annual water consumption: 9800 litres/year.

    White Knight 372WV White Compact Tumble Dryer: Price wanted $150


    • Energy rating D.
    • Maximum drying capacity 3kg.
    • Vented.
    • 2 heat settings.
    • 140 minute timer including 12 minute cool tumble.
    • Freshen up cycle.
    • Fluff filter.
    • Vent kit supplied.
    • Rear vent.
    • Manual control.
    • Size (H)67, (W)50, (D)47cm.

    Technical specifications:

    • Energy consumption 1.86kWh/cycle.
    • Estimated annual energy consumption 289kWh/year.

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    Guest kangomik

    Are you sure it's not just faulty?

    I know UK run's 13 amp fuses, but most british washer work fine.

    Does it have WWW (World Wide Warranty)?


    The problem you will have is that many houses will run a 10 amp trip

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