moving out with a yr old baby!!

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    Hi there, we are moving out 11th May with a yr old baby on a 176 visa.

    Hoping to live in Glenelg for a few months initially.

    I have lots of little questions because we are moving out with a little un!! knowing nobody. So bit scarey!!

    Can we get baby milk - SMA, baby foods, toys, clothes etc in Glenelg does anyone know pls??!


    I understand Australia have a child care system, (instead of health visitors).


    Any info greatly appreciated....

    Any other families with young children fancy meeting up sometime??



    Sue, Phil and baby Jack!! xx

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    Guest VickyB

    Hi guys, we moved to Glengowrie with our daughter who is now 15 months last June and it's been great.


    Feel free to ask any questions. I have seen SMA formula here although we used S26 which Hannah had no problems with switching to. We go to a great playgroup near by and Glenelg library does a song time which is good & free!


    Currently back in Bristol visiting friends & family which is lovely, the one thing I would say is stock up on kids clothes including shoes, I can't get over how cheap as well as decent quality the clothes are here compared to Oz!!!!!


    All the best & give us a shout when you get here if you'd like to catch up. Vicky

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    Just wanted to say you will be absoulty fine. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have not had to deal with nurses much just for the kids immunisations which has been easy.


    Definately agree get at least a years worth of clothes and if you can get your little one measured up for thier first shoes from clarks before you come out.


    Once you get yourslef into a rental put a post up and you will meet loads of people and of course through your local playgroups.


    Good luck.



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    Hi Vicky

    Thanks for your reply. Have a nice time in Bristol. We are in sunny Clevedon until 9th May!!!!!!

    Will buy kids clothing b4hand then. Great tip.

    Will try and give you a shout when we are over.

    Would be good to meet up,


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