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    Can anyone tell me if it is correct that when changing from a temporary visa to a permanent visa, you need to leave Oz and re-enter in order to activate it? Obviously this is an extra financial output and may help us in deciding whether to go for the permanent visa straight off from the UK. Thanks.

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    Guest guest3462

    It all depends on which visa you end up going for, I believe that if you come here on a 475 SIR visa then you can convert to PR using a bridging visa and will not have to leave, same goes if you are on a 457 and get employment sponsored PR, but if you get here then apply for the 175/176 PR visa then you will have to depart Aus for at least 14 days prior to the visa being granted. They give you only 28 days notice of this!!!! The immigration dept here in Adelaide advised us to go down the employment spnsored route from our 457 visa as it would be quicker and we would get the very valuable bridging visa, and that is what we are doing!!!

    I'm sure some of the others on here will be able to give you much better, detailed accounts, but this is just our experience and knowledge of it. Hope it helps.


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    As above;


    Its exactly what we did last year, and other than having to pay for a chest x-ray for our daughter, blood tests for the son........as theyd reached the age limit, the cost was approximately $5000 for DIAC fees, and the agents fee


    The whole process took about 3 months from start to finish; with visa being granted within 1 hour of being reviewed!!


    Good luck


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