Nail industry

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    Does anyone know much about the nail industry in Adelaide?

    Looking for a part-time trainee Nail Technician position.


    Any info. greatly appreciated. Always been interested in nails, beauty and holistics.

    Thank you v much. :jiggy:

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    Guest JayBone

    Thats a tough one, does it have to be Nails? That could really limit your choices.


    There used to be a company called Adelaide Rope and Nails, but from what ive read i think it closed down in 1927 during a recession.


    Do you have experience with other fixing devices or threaded connections, nuts & bolts etc, or even rivets, as there is a booming defense industry in SA? which might be an option.


    Couldnt help you on the beauty or holistics though, you should really make your mind up which path to take, i dont think trades and beauty can be done together unless you get into the steel industry, what with its reputation an all!!:wubclub:















    But on a more serioss note, this might help.....


    Nail Technician School Of SA : Home


    Good luck



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