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    Hi all,


    Looked into emigrating 1-2yrs ago but hubby needed bit more work experience to satisfy requirements. I haven't been on for a while and was wondering if anyone has recently gone through Vetassess as Joiner and is it still the same as previous i.e. paper based assessment, practical. I know there have been many changes recently to visas etc and wondered if vetassess requirements were still the same.


    Sorry for rambling on.

    Thank you.

    Jo x

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    Guest Lauren & Alan

    hi joanne , my oh did his vetasses joinery last year, check out this thread he chatted in on poms in oz site,

    might get some info from it


    he was really badly nervous about it but said it was fairly simple to do


    good luck!!!


    vetassess joinery test - PomsInOz Forum

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