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Guest JMRA4

Rentals - Recommendation

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    Guest JMRA4

    Dear all PIA,


    We would like to take this opportunity to recommend to anyone out there who is looking to rent accommodation in the Seaford area.


    We recently stayed at Russell's (otherwise known as Tyke) place at Seaford and were not only delighted with the accommodation but also overwhelmed with how helpful Russell was - certainly not your ordinary 'landlord'. Russell spent quite a lot of time with us upon arrival (we had so many questions), spent time with us during our stay and we certainly didn't feel rushed when he arrived on our last day and we gave back the keys (such a sad day, we didn't want to leave). Russell even kitted the boys up with fishing rods (including lines, hooks and bait) and very kindly loaned us some boogie boards which enabled the boys to thoroughly enjoy our reccie and make it a holiday too.


    It was a bit embarrassing on the last day though when the boys wanted to go surfing .... it was overcast and we were the only ones sitting on the beach (wrapped in our towels because we were cold) whilst we could hear the boys laughing in the waves - how typically English we must have looked but we all loved it! Thanks once again Russell for such an enjoyable stay.


    We will hopefully see you again in the future .... lots of thinking to do now....


    Please give our best wishes to Sheila and a pat on the head to the dogs from the boys.


    Best wishes

    Jane & Mark

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    Guest Guest75



    Thank YOU!!


    What a smashing lot you are!! A pleasure to meet you and I hope we've helped.


    Hope the decision goes well!!!



    Oi! - You've pinched my signature:biglaugh:

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