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    Hi everyone,


    I arrived in Seaford on the 21st January (now in Hallett Cove) and have been looking for work some full time work since then.


    To date, I have worked at Clipsal 500 doing waitering and general running, followed by grape picking work.


    I'm looking for anything at the moment and hold a white card & my RSA certificate.


    I have been round all of the local taverns, supermarkets and banks but nothing seems to be going. I look at daily and Hays recruitment have checked over my resume and have said nothing is wrong with it.


    I'm on a working holiday visa, which means I can only work for one company for 6 months. If anyone knows of any work going, could they kindly let me know on the contact details at the very bottom??


    I know competition is hard out there at the moment, I had an interview yesterday just for stacking shelves at Big W in the evening. Turned out over 100 people applied for the position!


    Hope to hear from someone soon.


    Steven Flood

    Mobile: 0430 887 450


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    Guest katsmajic

    Restaurant business is easing up now with winter coming on, the city's still busy/best place to look.


    Subway @ Woodcroft/the hub are looking for casual staff at the mo.

    Event Management are good to register with - doing general tasks for gigs etc - similar to clipsal organisation.


    Good Luck

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    Guest Zoot

    What about trying the agencies that handle temporary work that way you will be a few weeks here and there so no worried about the 6 month limit with one employer.


    Try Skilled - they seem to handle all sorts of fields and are approved by the Council to provide staff


    Try Westaff - they seem to have a variety of different branches and recruit for different fields


    A lady I worked with recommended Maxima (but cant comment personally)


    Check in the local Messenger and ask at the library too - sometimes they have a notice board


    Check in the Advertiser - Saturday is the jobs day


    Otherwise just keep going you never know when your luck is going to change.

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    Try Randstad. They do casual/temp jobs of all types.


    Their office is in Henley Beach Road, Mile End.


    Tel. 8150 7000

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    Guest darlo 2 adelaide

    try looking/advertising yourself on


    My husband is regularly being offered production line work through RANDSTAD, but its always short notice and not many shifts. Maybe your visa restricts you, my hubby's did (see other posts). Cold canvassing does the job sometimes too.


    Good luck.

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    Just a quick thanks to everyone for your replies, I have managed to find some work now.


    Was a bit of a struggle but got there in the end.




    A relieved Steven Flood

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