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UK State Pension indexation petition for expats

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    Hi there


    Saw this on another forum and thought that it is worthwhile posting on here as this will have relevance to pretty much every member on here I would imagine.



    "Further to the loss of the appeal at the ECHR regarding non-indexation of the UK State Pension to those of us living in Australia (amongst other countries) there is now an E petition running at the British Pensions in Australia website - British Pensions in Australia - which, when complete, will be forwarded to all candidates, of whatever political persuasion, prior to the upcoming UK general election.


    To access this petition click on the Newsflash banner of the BPiA home page.


    Can I also ask you to inform your family and friends, both here in Australia and back in UK, of this - every opportunity to air this grievance is a bonus!


    You may even wish to help fight the cause by joining BPiA (for a very modest annual subscription!).


    Thank you for reading".

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