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Nothing To Declare

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    Guest chillyanna

    he all

    just wanting to know if anybody else is watching the T.V program "nothing to declare" about australian customs and immigration.

    not the best program some might say but it gives insight on what not to take over to australia with you and other does and donts. plus it gives glimpses of what australia is like and how they actively remove illegal immigrants unlike the U.K who give them money and a home.


    anyway the program is on LIVING TV on SKY 112 in the evenings.


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    Guest theshearers

    i've watched that quite a bit, it has been on for a while now. Its really interesting to see the way that deal with people, but its amazing to see the lengths that people go to to try and get stuff into the country. Obviously drugs is quite a major issue and the postal people find them in all sorts of strange packages!!


    Its worth a watch if you have a spare half an hour or so!!



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