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Anyone want a job?

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    Guest stevenkaz

    Hi there,


    I'm Steve, I have a House Cleaning Franchise with existing clients that, for many reasons I must sell.


    Have been doing this for just over 2yrs now. Having a franchise has many benefits including, but not limited to, working what YOU want, making as much or little as you want ( I currently work about 22hrs a week and do extra when I need more cash), you are working under the umbrella of the Franchise Company- in this case Home Service Professionals- who support you 110%. All training is provided (approx 1-2wks) and once completed you are ready to go.


    Home Service Professionals have the lowest start up costs of any franchise I have looked at and also charges the least commission, meaning you keep more of what you earn. I have heard of some franchisors charging upwards of 25%.


    For more info either reply here or to


    Thank you Steve

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    Guest stevenkaz

    Have just (yesterday) started a new job as a service manager. Too good an opportunity to pass up.


    thanx Steve

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    Guest stevenkaz

    Hi Renet,

    thank you for your enquiry, hope I have answered your questions below to your satisfaction, if not keeep asking. The area I have for sale encompasses panorama -ish to Seacliffe -ish this is not a strict area and some flexibility is allowed.




    Hi Steve,


    I have seen your advert on the forum Poms in Adelaide for your Home Cleaning franchise, am interested and am in need of more information from you please.

    So here goes,

    You say that Home Service Professionals is the Franchise Company, how much do they take from you in commission? - What are the start up costs with them?


    Start up cost is the price of franchise, $15000. Commission is 13% which includes all advertising



    What is involved in the 1 - 2 weeks training?


    Training to the standard expected, I did it in less than 1 week.


    Who provides the cleaning materials?


    You can either buy your own with approval from franchisor, this is only to see if the product is as good as needed. Or you can purchase from franchisor, this is what I did, very reasonable prices.


    How many clients do you have and do they transfer automatically over to the person taking over your position?

    If the clients do transfer over, where do they live, what areas?


    I have 14 clients available, see above for areas. Yes they are transferred to new franchise owner


    When are you looking to sell?

    How much are you selling the franchise for?


    Now, $15k


    How much can you earn per hour House Cleaning?


    per job average $60, some more a few less (works out to be about $24/hr). There are also 'bond/exit cleans' these can earn typcally $250+. Also Home Service Professionals have the contract for the Defence Force Housing which can make more.


    Is the work flexible, can you take leave when you want? Can you work the days you want to work?


    Yes and yes, obviously you may have to work around this depending on the clients wishes


    You briefly spoke about the benefits from owning a franchise, could you let me into the down side of doing this?


    The only 'down side' I came across is, if you don't work you don't earn.


    Without wanting to pry, is there any reason to do with the company Home Service Professionals to why you are wanting to sell?


    None whatsoever, the Franchisor, Trevor is one of the most likeable blokes I know. The reasons I want to sell are purely personal


    Many thanks for your time



    Are you still in UK?


    this will not be for sale for long.


    Thank you

    Steve Brown

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