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    ATTN all you builders who know about building! Roughly, what type of cost am I looking at to put an extension on top of a 5x6 by 5x6 garage if the foundations are secure enough? We are desperately looking for a two story house and recognise that several have lots less room than the single stories.


    We have been living with the in-laws for 5 months and have now reached the end. They've been great but kids need their own space. We found the perfect two story house- only 8 years old and something just told us to have a building survey done in the cooling off period. Survey came back with $100K of structural/settling damage, gas leaks, etc so we pulled out. Real estate agent shafted someone else within 48 hours who bought! Now we've put in an offer on something smaller just to move but recognise we'd want this extra space. Any ideas??? We don't want to rent as after looking for 5 months, we believe things are beginning to go up again. We've held off due to exchange rate and its dropped form $1.80 to $1.66 so we've lost even more. AAAAARGH! Good thing I like this place because I'm going to have 2 1/2 times the mortgage for a smaller house!


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    I too would be interested to hear the responses as I don't think we will be abe to afford the house we want striaght off some extension work is what we would need.

    Good luck and lucky you for not going for the other one!

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