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Hello everyone

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    Guest obichamsvet

    Hello everyone,


    My name's Alex and my husband and I are looking for a change, a new challenge and some adventure and think Adelaide may have more to offer us and our 3 kids (8,6 & 1).


    He's an electrician currently working as an electrical project manager in London. He works all hours and I hardly ever see him!


    Apart from that our life here is lovely but boringly predictable and hence wanting a change.


    Looking for more opportunities to do things outdoors with the kids and we think that Australia can offer our children a better future compared with Britain as the economy is doing well, it has lots of natural resources and is close to Asia, there is more space and possibly less pressure and materialism (not sure about that though - just an impression!).


    We're just about to submit our Vetassess application so still early stages and looking to get SA state sponsorship.


    So just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone for their posts which I read with much interest.


    Also, can I ask for feedback on whether Australians generally are welcoming of immigrants in Adelaide? Thanks



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    Guest Guest75

    Hi and welcome to the madhouse of PIA (you have just met the first nutter :goofy:)



    Great reasons for coming out!!!


    We came with the same reasons - challenge/different life and so on - paid out in spades for us - hope it does for you.


    Aussies in general are very good with new arrivals - and mad Pozzies (Pommy/Aussies).

    Some can be interested in you to the point of noseyness.



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    Guest BAZnDAF

    Welcome to PIA :)


    Can't answer your question because were not quite there yet. But theres plenty of people on here who will answer. :)



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