andy and lindsey

Any Nurses work for Mckesson

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    Hiya just wondered if anyone works from home for the above company and what your thoughts are - I have been offered a job with them and am having a do i dont i dilema!


    Would appreciate your thoughts

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    I worked for them when they first got the Tender here in SA, I'd previously worked for Clinical Solutions but they didn't win :(

    still keep in touch with a few of the girls still working as telephone triage/disease managment nurses. Are you thinking of working from home or in the office? Its a good job, can be stressful at times, you take around 40plus calls per day and triage, there are KPI's to meet, you have to manage your calls within a time frame etc the softwear is pretty easy to use, though some aspects of it are harder to navigate (rural info etc)

    Some of the questions people call and ask crack you up, some will completely exasperate you (ie, i think i have gastro, i've vomited x1, do i need to call 000 and get an ambulance to take me to hospital) :arghh: They also have frequesnt fliers that can be very testing :wacko:

    If no-one here works for them and you have any specific answers let me know and i'll ask for you.

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