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Older Teenagers/Younger Adults and Newcomers BBQ/Party

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To All,


It's that time again for another BBQ/party at ours. Our previous one we had for my son Nathan's 21st at the end of March was a really good celebration and a great turn out. This time it is my 41st birthday celebrations.


Same guidelines as last time. Therefore I would like very much for all younger adults (male and female) to come and celebrate my 41st birthday on the Saturday 8th May 2010. This will help you sociaslise with people of your own age and meet new friends. I am suggesting that we commence around (7.00 p.m.) at our home in Ferryden Park (North West), which is 9km from the CBD, near Woodville, Kilkenny, Athol Park, Angle Park and Croydon. This will help people to chat/socialise and a have drink, I will even put some food on.


I have also a daughter 'Shannon' 17 years old who would like to meet friends at a similar age, so you can come along as well. We also have a 11 year old girl as well 'Charlotte', who requires friends as well, so bring them too. In addition we have Mam's and Dad's who are welcome. I would like all newcomers to join in, nice way to meet people who have been through the same experiences.


If you would like to come, please can you inform me via this post or you can PM me if you require further details or you want me to keep you informed via telphone/text message, leave your details via PM. Each and everyone who states that they would like to come I will contact you via PM or telephone or text message with our address and which buses you can catch from the CBD.


Bring your drink remember and hopefully see you this Saturday 8th May.


Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!!!



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Guest Kelly pj

Hi Tony and family, hows it all going? settling well? Party sounds fab, still wont be there by then so we cant make it sadly, not long now though 4 us, 27 days till we get on the big bird, woop!! enjoy ur birthday celebrations.

Kelly and family

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Guest The Dimmocks

Hi Tony


We wont be able to make this one as I going out on Saturday night. Have a great time and enjoy your birthday Tuesday, no bank holiday off this year though. Have a great time and hope to catch up soon.



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Guest Lizy

Happy birthday Tony!

Hope you guys are ok?

Have a great birthday x , shame we are not there! It is freezing here today .That is May UK ????

Hollie is out tonight in Liverpool for her 18th!!!!!!, but all her friends are here before to have a drink or 2!!!

Please say Hi to Jane, she is such so lovely!

Hope Shelly is sorted now with friends or work?

We are just holding back for a while until we see what happens in the UK and the $ so sad to put the dream on hold but have to be sensible, have a lovely day ,Liz, Andy, Hollie, Harrison x

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Yes had another BBQ last night, another great turn out and the same people turned up as when you was here. But no kids this time just the parents. Another three couples turned up, which was very nice. One couple had lived really far up North of South Australia, and with talking with them I found out they are actually from a small town about 10 miles from where I am from originally in Burnley and we knew the same people.


Shelly? lol. I think you mean my daughter Shannon, she is still exactly the same, apart from gaining one more friend but she lives in Seaford Rise which is 1 hour 15 mins away. Shannon has had a couple of hairdresser trials but no job from them as of yet. Nathan is working for the director of his soccer club in the office. Jane is still working hard as normal and still enjoying work. I have actually been working for three weeks now and the money is great to have coming in. I have handed my home in Newcastle upon Tyne back to the bank and cut my losses, I would not of made any profit from selling the house and it would not of sold for ages and I would of continued to pay $800 a month extra. jane bought me some brand new golf clubs and my Nathan and I have been playing golf every weekend. Weather is much cooler now, especially in the evenings. Temperature during the day is in the early 20's.


Sarah the pregnant lass who is married to Martin (if you remember) they were supposed to come to our BBQ but we think she has gone into Labour now. We have had two housing viewing for this home we are living in, we have just found out the landlords have it up for sale. We had no idea it was even up for sale when we took on the 6 month lease. So we may have to move out before September when our lease is up.


So sorry to hear about your plans to actually make the move over, but of course you know what is best in your circumstances. Nevertheless you have now gained some friend at the other end of the world and when the time is right for you and your family to make the move, then we will be here waiting for you.


Please do keep in touch and take care and say hi to all your family and happy birthday to Hollie


Tony, Jane, Nathan, Shannon and Charlotte

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Hey Tony, Jane & family


Thanks so much for the bbq last night we had a lovely time, and it was really good to meet you both.

Hopefully catch up with you again soon


Mark & Julie

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Thanks to all the people who attended our BBQ and for the lovely two cakes I gained. Looking forward to our curry night this Saturday. See you all there!!!


Tony & Jane

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