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    Just a quick reminder that our sister site -, will be hosting a Live Chat session with Moneycorp tonight - 11th May at 19:30 UK time.


    To take part, either head over to our sister site - and click the 'chat' button or use this link - Moneycorp Chat


    Once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and enter the 'Moneycorp' chat room.

    John Kinghorn from Moneycorp will be hosting the chat and will be on hand to answer and exchange rate / money transfer queries you may have


    The session will will last approximately 2 hours.


    Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, John will provide the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and give you some insight into the key influencing factors. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your money at the right time, via the right channel, will make a big difference.

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    There's around 25 minutes left in the live chat session with Moneycorp, so if you're wondering how Gorden Brown's resignation as PM this evening will impact on GBP/AUD exchange rates or have any questions regarding transferring money overseas, then pop into the chat room and have a word with John.

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