Not impressed with our Renting agents

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    We've been in our rental 10 months!

    When we had our rental there were a lot of jobs outstanding on it ie: painting needed doing, carpets needed cleaning as previous tennnants had dogs. (and the house smelled of wet dog) I purchased a lot of carpet de-orderiser and apologised for the smell of wet dog every time we had guests around.


    We had our first inspection 3 months in, and the manager said he'd never seen the house looking so nice, even though a lot of the work still had'nt been done, and he'd promised to get it sorted.


    10 months later all painting completed, floating floors been put in, but carpet in living room still minging, the agents arranged for it be cleaned twice and the stains just won't come out and said after landlord get tax rebate he'll replace carpets and we're happy with that.


    Today new agency employee comes out to inspect property as apparantly staff have come and gone quite a bit in last 6 months, and the snooty lady, took loads of photos and said she was making a report that the carpet was stained and generally made us feel like we were grubby, and my hubby felt he had to explain the state of the place before we took over the lease, as so she didnt think we were grubby people.

    She looked down her nose, it a snooty attitude saying she'd have to go back to the office and check previous reports as to the condition of the carpet before, the contract is up for renewal in July and I really feel like telling them to shove it.

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    Guest Guest75

    Don't worry,some of the inspecting agents are on a power trip.Some would rather be out selling and I reckon begrudge doing inspections.


    It's a common occurrence so don't feel it's personal.;)

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    Guest Ric & Paula

    Did they do an inventory when you moved in,scuff marks,paint chips etc.Don't forget wear and tear either especially after 10 months and the work you had to have done...Try to forget about them and enjoy your hols xx

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