Short term let in Hallett Cove and surrounding areas

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    We are arriving in Oct, and are looking for 2/3 bed furnished short term let in Hallett Cove, Brighton, Marino and surrounding areas. I've contacted the ones under business ads on here, but was wondering if anyone can recommend anything else that is worth it.


    Also, was wondering just how far Hallett Cove was from city centre. Google map says approx 45min. Is this the case and can it be a bit far out if you have to work in the city. Are the properties to rent better here than closer to the city ?




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    I can do the city from there in 30 mins,maybe shorter.

    It depends on where you are going to be based for work. Not all work is based in the city. If you are based there then it's nothing to travel that distance. my husband and I are both nurses he works in RAH (which is in the city)and I work in QEH (30-40 mins drive) we live in Reynella and love it.....

    All the best


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    If you want close to city try Glenelg letting agency they have furrished accom we rented of them when we came and that was 13 years ago. they have a web site.

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