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    Well it's all happening we should leave UK on 2nd August. I feel so sick and nervous. We really want to do this but it's just an awfully big adventure. We[re bringing a 16 yr old who's not really keen. Please can you folks give us some reassurance and tell us why Oz is so much better than the UK. See you all soon at one of the get togethers.


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    Hi there,


    We dragged our teenagers all thwe way around the world, leaving all their friends behind.


    They were goona to get eaten by sharks, bitten by spiders, bitten by snakes and all the other negative stuff that yours will be coming out with.


    Those so called frineds hardly keep in touch with our kids now....maybe the odd bit though Facebook but thats about it...they quickly made friends and were off out partying and going to the city, beach etc etc.


    Lots of guys on here have all been in the same position as yourselves, well here we are 2 years down the line and the kids love it out here, have moved out of our house and living with mates living very happy lives we still see them from time to time and have them round for dinner bbqs etc etc.


    Just tell your child that they can get their Learner plates at 16....only yourselves can really make the decision that it the right one moving to Adelaide, some guys love it and setle pretty quickly and some take a while and some guys go back only to return at a later date.....some guys go back to the oother saide and never come back to Oz ever again.


    There is so much to do here all year round, its lovely weather pretty good...were in Autumn nearly winter and its getting cold at night time around 10 degrees but in the day it gets upto around 21 which is perfect for taking the dog on the beach for a run around etc etc....


    There is a steady flow of tours and concerts out here from dance acts to bands to opera singers Adelaide has pretty much everything thorughout the year...


    I could go on and on..but i am sure that there wil be alot of other folks wanting to give you some advice and insight into what goes on around Adelaide....


    PM me of you want any info or help on anything and i will try and help as best i can.....



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