finding a rental for two week reccie

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    Hi all

    O/h and I have been looking on as many web sites as pos looking for a place to stay in Aug for 2 weeks:goofy: but we can't seem to make up our minds on where to go. We have 176 visa Granted and need validating by Sept. We are not sure where we would like to settle. We have our eye on Blackwood for long term (For the kids schools and Sports activities),So would like to be somewhere central to south Adelaide to be able to travel and have a look around. If anyone can give us advise on areas / rentals, that may try to point us in the right direction.:wubclub:

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    It's a tough one as everyone has there own idea of what's nice etc.

    It was not unitl we arrived that we also like the look of Blackwood (can't afford to buy there) but plenty pf nice areas around there.


    I have not heard of any short term accom up that way but we stayed at Woodcroft in Tykes place (moderator on here) and it was really easy to get up into the city from there and down the beaches etc, good first place to start our life's here.


    Check out his website

    Auseelife - Quality Furnished Short Term Rental Accommodation in Adelaide, South Australia


    There plenty of other also you just have to decide your budget and what you want - cheap and cheerful or all the bells and whistles


    Good luck in finding somewhere




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