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    I am doing my sons TRA myself and know how hard it is but my question is does every piece of paper im sending have to be certified (my agent did ours so not sure).


    I know certificates and passport etc needs to be but i will be sending lots of info for question 8 plus photos and references does every single page need certifying?


    If anyone has any help or advice for a gas fitter please let me know as worried about skill pathway A, as he started his 3 year college/work apprenticeship in June 2006 finished his college exams in Sept 2009, but then kept training at work until this month when he is now on his own, but unsure about fulfuling the 4 year rule as dates are not cut and dried.


    On paper he is 1 month short but still working in the trade.

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    Guest The Coyne Family

    Hi Andi,

    I just did mine for general electrician i got all the certs ,passports page etc.... certified but any document that was more than one page long, i only got the top sheets certified, my GP did most of them and the local police did some, sorry i cant offer any advice on the occupation assessment for gas fitter I'm sure someone will be along shortly who can give you more help.

    Just to let you know our assessment took 12 weeks i hope you don't have to wait as long. Best of luck .


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    Thanks, my best friend is a solicitor so i know she will certify them. 12 weeks is a long time my OT only took 4 weeks (each time!!).


    Well i better get working on them.


    Thanks again

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