Use agencies, or contact companies direct?

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    Hi there,


    I'm hopefully arriving in Adelaide August time this year, and I was wondering whether it's best to apply to the agency companies, or send a letter and a CV to the companies direct (even if they're not advertising).


    Basically, in the UK, I wouldn't go through an agency, but wondered if it's different in Aus. I'm an Architectural Technician and Land/Building Surveyor if it makes any difference.


    Wanted to get a 'plan' in order before I arrive, so I have things ready when I get there.


    I've been looking on seek, and plan to use that website to apply for jobs, but do companies take a dim view of 'cold calling' as such in Aus, or is it acceptable?

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    Guest The Dimmocks

    Personally I would send as many e-mails as you can, you never know what might come up. It wont hurt to contact them direct. If they want to reply they will if they dont they wont. We sent 60 plus e-mails when we got granted our visa to companies, had 4 positive responses.


    Good luck



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    Guest Skippy

    I agree too. My OH is a land surveyor. He did the usual agency thing, got the weekly paper,etc. But the most effective thing was to contact local companies direct with his resumee and cover letter. Then a follow up phone call. From sending letters to being offered two jobs took about 3 weeks. Just try to remain positive! Good luck for when you arrive. Anna.

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