How do I get NVQ's converted in Aus?

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    Hi everyone,


    I have acquired a number of NVQ's here in the UK in preparation to our move to Aus. Could anyone tell me how I go about converting these to the Aussie system as I am aware they have their own vocational qualification framework. All help will be gratefully received.





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    Guest WoodMartin

    Hi Stu


    I did a couple of things - I don't think you can 'transfer' them. NVQs prove you can work in the UK system: laws, systems, standards may be different here in Australia so there is not really a direct swap as far as I know. You need to prove you can work to Australian standards. What trade/area are your qualifications in? Some trades or areas may have agreements to recognise NVQs maybe?


    1. I went into the Skills Recognition Service (Currie Street in the city centre) and the consultant looked up the levels and printed out a statement declaring the certificate was equivalent in level to the Australian level. (My NVQ4 was equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Oz, for example)


    2. I actually completed the Australian equivalent qualification (I'd started the process before leaving the UK) by RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). I provided evidence for all the units in the Australian qualification, which included mostly matching Units in the NVQ. For the knowledge aspects of the Australian qualification I simply answered questions and wrote statements to prove I knew everything. This was the most time consuming, but was definitely needed and I learnt a lot about the different systems, trade bodies etc. which I guess is the point. I then handed all of my evidence to a RTO (Registered Training Organisation) who looked at it and agreed I could work to the Australian standard and had the knowledge and understanding for the Australian systems and procedures. My certificate then arrived a couple of weeks later.


    Hope this helps, I can give more info if you need, just send me a PM.



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    There are guidelines by the National Office of Overseas Skills and Recognition, I did NVQ in Direct Training and support, in the UK, which was assessed here (at TAFE) and is comparable to AQF cert IV.

    TAFE have a Skills Recognition Support Service, give them a call and book an appointment with them, Obviously i'm not promising but you might be pleasantly surprised.

    They were located at the Adelaide City Campus 08 8207 8354. But may have moved. Good luck

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    I also have NVQ 3 in in Disability/Care and went to Skills Recog for an appointment, they took photocopies which they sent of and within a few weeks I got a certificate back saying that my NVQ 3 was comparable to there Cert IV in Disability.


    Cheers Jo x

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