Breaking Lease - September

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    My wife and I are going back to the UK due to the fact that our tenats are moving out, and we need to sort out our house.

    We are unsure at this stage if we will be coming back to Australia or not, but a lot will depend on the exchange rate and sale of our house. It has been very tough the last few months, when all of one's income comes from England, as we are pensioners, so have no Australian income.

    Our present rental is in Seacombe Gardens, and we took it over from new in February on a 12 month lease. It has 3 beds, 2 baths, single garage, and costs A$395 a week.

    We will also be disposing of many items needed when moving to Australia, like washing machine and fridge freezer, and a leather 3 & 2 seater sofas from Nick Scali, bought new about 12 months ago, and totally as new.


    If interested then please PM me at this stage, as we have not as yet notified our agents that we are breaking the lease.

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    Guest darlo 2 adelaide



    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstances.


    What date in sept are you leaving your rental ? I may be interested.

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    Guest dittydotty1

    Hi, if its toward end of september/beginning october could be interested, new to this not sure how to pm

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