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seaford meadows cub scouts

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    Guest hel&sam

    Hi all, is anyone familiar with seaford meadows cub pack, is it a large pack, do they do lots of stuff are they nice etc etc.

    any info gratefully received.




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    Hi ya, yes my daughter Cerys is a Sixer in the Seaford Meadows pack, shes been in it for nearly 2 years and enjoys it, i think its a bit unorganised but they do good stuff , Cerys was away at camp up in the hills last weekend doing a Leadership course, and they are having a campout at the hall in a few weeks.

    The numbers go up and down, at the moment there are about 12 regulars, but not long ago it was up to 20 or more, kids come and go, most of the kids there now a quite long serving!!!

    Go and check it out, i think you get 2 weeks free, and the subs are only $45 a term, Cubs is from 6.30 to 8.00pm on Monday nights...

    Its also a good way for the kids to meet other kids and they learn stuff that they would never do at school..

    Good luck!



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