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Extra Virgin Olive oil

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    Guest Guest75

    Well, I've finished harvesting and processing now so we now have the 2010 vintage ready.

    As asked by some forum members - I'm giving you the heads up!

    Grown in Onkaparinga Hills on dry hillside on our hobby farm.

    No Chemicals or unnatural fertilisers, we don't have organic certification as it is a very expensive and time consuming process but I can say "Naturally Grown"

    All fruit hand picked.

    From 40 year old Verdale,Manzanillo and Mission Varieties.

    Cold pressed at Diana Olives in McLaren Vale in a very good continuous press.


    Tasting notes:

    Quite buttery foretaste with green grass coming in straight after.

    A fruit note and pepperiness on the later taste.

    Through all is a good ripe olive background flavour.

    An oil with a very strong character so you do not need much for dressing and it will shine through when used in cooking.


    Available now until commercial buyers and friends buy it all.


    Bring your own containers.

    Glass swing top bottles similar to the "Grolsch" tops are excellent.


    Or we have 20 litre drums available.


    $10 per litre.


    Two famous olive oil retailers sell our oil at over $20 per litre over the counter.


    Just drop me a PM.:)

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    Just wanted to add that Tyke's olive oil is fantastic much better than any mainstream ones you get from the supermarkets!




    Oh and please can I come and get some when I find where the hell I put my glass bottles??!!



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    Guest katsmajic

    I'll be over for one or two please...its great EVO, and if Brian sells it it shows its class!

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