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Visa time frame question????

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    Guest Andrew Family

    If applying for a sponsored visa with a job offer attached does it mean that a visa is processed quicker then a visa application without a job attached? The reason I ask is that I have the possibility of a sponsor but the job starts in January 2011. I was wondering if this was a feasible time frame to get a visa as other peoples visas appear to take quite some time.

    Second qustion: we are planning to come over in September 2010 and if visa is gained after this time we just need to leave Oz and then re-enter to validate the visa, is that correct? or can it be validated in Oz?


    Many Thanks


    Dawn :)

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    I got the 457 visa within 20 weeks, arrived in oz on a vistor visa, but that really isnt recommended, there is no garauntee of actually getting the go-ahead!!

    We validated within a week of being here, and didnt have to leave the country to do so;


    Best to check with immigration tbh, they are, occassionally quite helpful!!!!!!


    Good luck with it.

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