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Back pain.......

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    Guest lastboyscout

    if its only minor don`t put it on your medical forms:confused:


    We went to Handsworth Wood Medical centre and a few little hiccups!


    The girls flew through theirs but Michelle has to do another blood test through our GP for diabetes as she is a little overweight:skeptical: But she`ll cruise through that one;)


    The problem lies with me, I suffer from reflux and have to take Lansoprazole every day to control this, but thats not what I`m worried about TBH.


    I put down that I suffer from back pain occasionally due to the nature of my job, old age etc.... and the doc who checked us over wants a report from a consultant othaepaedic about it. I told him that I visited a chiropractor a few times and he diagnosed spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebrae) which sometimes causes sciatica :confused:


    He`s subsequently put down on the form that I suffer from chronic back pain and wants a report from the orthapaedic consultant( even more expense!!!!!) Now is it just me being a worrier, or can this condition actually prevent me from getting a visa???


    And to clear it up this condition has not prevented me from doing my job and I`ve never had a day off because of it!!!!

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    Im not an expert by any means, but i think you should be fine as long as you can prove it doesnt affect your everyday life!


    We too went to Handsworth Wood, Dr Brewin we saw, and found them to be quite thorough. I had to get a cardiologist report. Puzzling though is that i to am overweight and never needed a second blood test! I think they like to present all the information at once to save them requesting more info later.


    Good luck anyhows!


    Dan and Steph

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