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    Hi Everyone


    I know this may alreay be on hear, but I can't make any sense of it.

    Well last week I was offered a job at the cavery North Hospital and they are willing to sponsor me on a 457 visa. However have all these visas been suspended or can I still apply for it. I had been advised that I should hand my notice in once I have submitted my visa application, however I don't want to do this if they are not going to process.

    I am sorry if this question has already been asked, but I am quite worried about this.

    Thanks inadvance


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    Guest theredmenace

    Hi Fluffy

    - its ALL very complicated, I was offered a 457 too, in a place west of Melbourne - Im a podiatrist. Please give it a lot of consideration, a 457 is a temporary visa (they are not suspended). HOWEVER - this is a 4 year visa, and your employer is under NO obligation to give you a 121 (permanent), which means you are basically at their beck and call with no guarantee of a permanent visa.


    I did consider lodging a 176 , a permanent residency visa and initially taking the 457 visa, to get to Oz. Getting state sponsorship on a 176 means you are processed within 12 months, but a 457 is processed very quickly - I was offered a job 3 weeks ago for a start date in August.

    To get a perm res 176 your profession must be on the new State Migration Plan (which are not released until the 1st of July at the earliest) and when its granted you must be offshore (ie 2 week holiday in Singapore or wherever).


    PLEASE DO NOT hand your notice in until you are registered to work in Australia and have considered everything - I have to register with the Australian Podiatry Council which is another nightmare, this can take months apparently. If you are a nurse you have to register with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (google it).


    I decided to turn the job offer down, Ill get others (hopefully) as podiatrist is on the new SOL, and Ill apply for a 176 in July, after applying to the podiatry council, then look for a 457 in Adelaide area, and when my 176 is granted Im going to return home for a holiday and return to Australia as a permanent resident.


    I should also say that on a 457 you also have to take out private mediacal insurance.


    If you google DIAC (Australian immigration) maybe they can explain it better.



    I know its really exciting but please make sure its the right move for YOU, look into as much as you can. I use a forum called poms in oz - theres some brilliant advice on there.


    Hope Ive helped and not put a dampener on things



    Let me know how you get on






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    Hi Fluffy,


    I also came over on a 457 sponsored by Calvary Nth Adelaide; its a good start to aussie life; but i ended up not enjoying it there once i got PR............a whole other tale that!


    The 457 is a bit quicker than other visas, but there are issues with it; it can take between1 and 5 months to be issued.


    As a nurse, you will have a better than average chance of actually getting the visa granted, there is a high demand for nurses in SA.; but it is in no way a garauntee!


    Once you have the visa, its a simpler thing to give notice, so personally, i would wait.


    The NBSA, or the ANC application can take just as long, and the new registration is a nationwide affair, similar to the UK; so you can essentially work anywhere in Oz for 1 registration application!


    Nursing here is a whole different ball game too, very medical model, and certainly a change to what you will be used to.............


    Good luck!


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