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Living in Burnside

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    Guest gepers


    I have just looked at this website after being in Adelaide for 10 months. We arrived in Adelaide in 9 July 2009 from Lowton, Warrington. We are Gill, Peers, Chloe & Emily Bent.


    We are on a student visa 572. Which when we arrived was quite straight forward but with the changes to the visa is quite difficult.


    I am training to be a hairdresser which as of a few weeks ago was on the SOL list. If anyone has any idea of what we can do to stay it the country it would be really appriceated.


    We love living in Adelaide it is a fantastic city. Peers has brought into a Jim Mowing Franchise and our daughter Chloe has a job in KFC.


    If anyone out there knows of a hair salon who needs a extra pair of hand who is a hard worker please get in touch


    Gill 42 :arghh: Peers 39 :goofy: chloe 16 :jiggy: Emily 12 :arghh:

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