Guest Fulwood

PR Parents - Citizen child. Visa???

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    Guest Fulwood

    We're Permanent residents. Junior (due in three weeks!) will automatically be a citizen (Born in Oz to PR parents) and we are wondering what to do at Christmas as we are planning a trip to Blighty.


    Do we:


    a - need to advise DIAC and add junior to the visa?

    b - Get him an Ozzie passport and how would he go about getting into the UK?

    c - Get him a UK passport and add him to our visa?

    d - Get him a UK passport AND an Ozzie passport, and he can enter each country on the respective document???


    Any other thoughts I should be having...???



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    As he is an aussie citizen he will have to exit and enter on an aussie passport. To save time and money, you can get his brit one later. He can enter the UK on an aus passport for a holiday without a visa for the UK. If you have funds get him his brit passport too cos first passports always take longer. He can not be included in your visas as he is an aus citizen.

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