Our Contingency Plan - ? Working Holiday Visa ?

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    So, we have been waiting patiently for over a year to put in our visa application. We needed state sponsorship as we are a little short on points for a 175 and following a recce visit we had chosen Victoria to relocate to but they have a 2 year work experience requirement hence the reason for our wait.

    Over the year we have also researched the possibility of relocating to Adelaide although we have never visited we really like what we have researched and now South Australia is a strong possibility for us (if they’ll have us) and we have a state sponsorship application in process (when processing reopens.)


    I have kept up with all the changes over the year and I am lucky that as a teacher I am still on the new SOL. However I am still worrying over the new points structure – as I know many of you also are – and not knowing if I will still me on the state lists. Aaaaa.

    So whilst we wait for any news, I am preparing our contingency plan. And would like your advice, ideas, thoughts, suggestions....

    We are fortunate enough to be eligible for working holiday visas. I have been tempted by this option many times before but obviously it is not a solution to the problem but potentially a little step closer.

    This option would be by no means ideal because we have a house to sell and a whole life to pack up and leave behind, when all we would have is a very temporary visa which wouldn’t allow us to set down any roots over there. However it gets things moving and we would be able to build up contacts and get some valuable work experience over there whilst we wait. I would only take this option if a permanent visa application was in process at the same time so ideally (if things go the right way) one would run in to the other and we wouldn’t need to return.

    Obviously this is not the sensible option but would like to see what you think nevertheless. So, would you do this or steer well clear? Has anybody been out on a working holiday visa and ended up staying? (- Whether intentional or not. ) and what were the pros and cons for you?

    Look forward to hearing from you ...

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    Guest Stacey

    Hi Lauren


    Certainly you are not alone in thinking of this method and it can work.


    My partner and I migrated here Nov 07 as Permanent Residents and Andy (my partner's) younger brother came out 6 months later on a year's WHV.


    Within literally three weeks he met an Australian girl (who he is still with) and so decided to extend his WHV for another year. This WHV expires in about a week but he managed to score a job as a Landscape Gardener (which he has done for a while now and did back home) and has just lodged his application for a sponsorship visa (457) so is able to stay!


    With regard to your situation I would certainly not recommend that you sell up everything in the UK until you receive that Permanent Residence status or at least secure a long term temporary visa and I wouldn't include the WHV as such. The WHV can open up a lot of doors as you are in Australia and as you say can maybe secure some contacts etc. However it is very temporary and restrictive in the sense that you can only work for one employer for six months etc.


    Is it possible that you can maybe rent your home in the UK until you are sure it is going to work out? This way if it doesn't you can go back and have lost nothing so to speak!


    It is a good idea to have the other visa for PR lodged alongside (if that's all good with immigration) but you may find if that fails that you secure a 457 sponsorship whilst you are here on a WHV.


    Anyway good luck with it all and I hope it works out for you.


    Best Wishes




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    Unfortunately I don’t think renting our place would be an option as the rental income would be short of our mortgage repayments.

    I am normally quite a level headed and sensible person and I always think things through properly... which is why the WHV option has got be in a tizzy. I can see the risks but I can also see the benefits.

    And like most of us on here.... we just want to get there and get on with it.

    I still have my fingers and toes crossed that it will all be good news with the points and state sponsorship lists but you just never can tell where these goalposts are going to move next.

    If the news isn’t what I hoped for I guess that when I will have to decide how daring I am feeling...

    :huh: Thanks again though. :)

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    Guest tinkham_lee

    This is how I came over to oz. My partner is a PR but we hadn't been living together for the required 1 year for the spouse visa, and I couldn't get enough points for a migrant visa. So I applied for a WHV and completed the Specified work to get the second year. I will be applying for the spouse visa once I have been here a year.


    Couple of things to bear in mind.


    It is only a temporary visa for 1 year, (2 years if you complete 3 months specified work)

    You can only be employed by an employer for 6 months. then you must find a new job.

    Many places wont employ people on this visa, (Especially shops.) if they do it will probably only be as a causal.

    Because of the work restrictions you cant rely on the wage.

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