Seaford Rise/Moana and Childcare

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    Just thought I'd post about the troubles we are having trying to get childcare before/after school for our children. We moved to Seaford Rise and enrolled the kids into the local school here, the school informed me that OSHC would not be a problem as they bus the kids to another location.


    However when I phoned OSHC they are full (even the waiting list is full), no probs I thought I'll just get a childminder, nope they are full too!!


    So anyone moving out to Seaford Rise/Moana, please be aware if you need childcare there is none. I've spent days on the phone going round in circles and basically getting nowhere. Now at the point I have to withdraw my kids from the school and enrol them in one 10kms away, just because they have childcare facilities. Not ideal for the kids as they are settling well.


    Just something to bear in mind, or if anyone has any idea's let me know. I'm planning on contacting the council today, but not sure what if any help they will have.



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    Guest AW23

    If your kids go to seaford rise there is a family day care lady that walks to the school and kindy for pick up and shes lovely.

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    Guest TRIMIX

    Hi, I had the same problems for my children too, we live in Seaford.

    I wrote to Amanda Rishworth about it and received a letter from her saying there wasnt a shortage of OSHC places for children in this area!

    Hmmm not sure where she's getting her info from - there are only 2 centres offering OSHC in this area and the number of new families moving here is growing rapidly.

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