Advise needed on shipping few boxes ahead

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    Hi All,


    We planning to ship a few boxes ahead, the plan is to safe space when packing for the flight and to have some bits before the container arrive. We have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, do you have any advise on what to include.

    I'm planning to pack the normal things like toys, towels, bedding and few kitchen bits.............. but can you think of anything you can suggest. We will be renting a furnished place till our container arrive but just want to ensure the kids have there own things from the start.


    Any advice would be appreciated.




    Lindi :wubclub:

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    Guest Janine3979



    Have a look how much it costs for an extra suitcase with whoever your flying with. We are only being charged £35 per extra suitcase so have decided to take double luggage.


    Good Luck

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    Hi which airline are you flying with? We flew with Cathay Pacific and only had a 20 kilo allowance which was nightmare with 4 of us. We packed everything that was flat and shoved their backpacks to the max with toys. We also sent two boxes ahead with Linex which had my hubs nail gun, nails, batteries, little trike, kids bike and helmets with some tools and that cost us £170. Plus customs fee's here one of which was waived. bit of a pain when you get here as you have to wait for it although we sent it ahead and then go to Port Adelaide for paperwork and then freight place. Definately worth it once you have it though.


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