Help please!!!!!!!!

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    I have just submitted my application for my 457 visa on line last night. I am the main aplicant and I have a husband and three kids included on the visa. I have booked medicals for all of us but on the visa it seems that they are only requesting a medical for myself.

    Does anybody know if it is just the main applicant who needs a medical on this visa or all who are included on the visa.

    If it is only me then I need 48 hours notice to cancel the others or I will loose £70.00 per person who doesnt go.

    Also I am trying to sort out health insurance to upload with my visa but all the places are asking me for an australian address which I do not have as yet, any advice please, I am getting really stressed.


    Thanks in advance


    Fluffy :confused::confused::confused:

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    Guest happy feet

    yea sorry we came on same visa and we all needed medicals, but my daughter didn't need xray as she was under 10.....good luck



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