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    Greetings! We're on our way to Adelaide for a visit from 20th Oct to 13th Nov with our 3 kids (10,8 & 3). We're lucky that OH's mum/stepfather just re-emigrated (long story) so will be staying with them in Greenwith. For those of you there - any suggestions as to what to do on a reccie? Look at schools, houses, work, prices of furniture, etc.? Are there things you wish you had explored before the move that you can recommend we do? We have applied under old 138 sponsored in August but this is our trip to really determine if it's what we want so any suggestions would be helpful. Also - what's the weather going to be like (I'm freezing right now) as I'm hoping to dig out the shorts that never saw the light of day this summer!





    Liz (Andrew, Charis 10, Josiah 8 and Daniel 3)

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    Hi Liz,


    I did my reccie back in May (Adelaide was pretty cold then) and tried to do all the usual stuff like trips out and checking the suburbs. One thing i do now regret was not going to see any schools in the suburbs on our shortlist.

    At the time i was fixated on finding a job.


    Visa's dependant we hope to arrive just after Christmas and will be taking nothing but shorts and t-shirts. November is their late spring so should be pretty warm by our standards.


    Good luck on your reccie.



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