Nail biting afternoon

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    Well, England managed to qualify for the next round.........just. Looks like they won't be getting on the plane home for a bit longer. Not their best performance but heaps better than the last match.


    At least the Aussies fared a little better with Hewitt going through in straight sets. (and more nail biting later when Andy Murray plays again) Shame they lost the cricket last night. Better luck in the Ashes later in the year.


    I don't know who to cheer for at the moment - the ones I've supported all my life or my family's teams/players and hopefully mine too in 2012.

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    Well done England...at last, i agree they are still lacking something, Rooney and Lampard have been so off their game, just waiting for the Aussie game now....kick off 3.30am...........

    Come on Australia!!!!!



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