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    my wife was sent this email at work , just thought it might interest some people


    Read newspapers at home for free!

    The future of newspaper reading has arrived on your computer

    Thanks to Public Library Services and SA’s public libraries, anyone with an SA public library card can now access full ‘page-by-page turning’ electronic versions of the Advertiser and the Australian for free, just by using their home computer (or anywhere with an internet connection).

    There are over 1000 full version titles to choose from including:

    - The Wall Street Journal

    - The Washington Post (US)

    - The Guardian (UK)

    - Le Figaro (France)

    - Shanghai Daily (China)

    - Times of India (India)

    …and many, many more!

    To get an idea of the reading experience click


    To access this service click here. You will need to be a member of your local public library and have your library card handy.

    For more information, visit or contact your local public library.

    hope the links work!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Guest Kazzarazza

    Very impressive - will definately give this a go.

    Cheers, Kazza

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