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aircraft maintenance eng licensing???

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    Guest ozzy wannabe



    have got a TRA recognition as an aircraft maintenance engineer (structures)


    I have not got a license but have 7 years experience on fixed and rotary wing, as well as my qualification (onc areospace engineering) all of which TRA were made aware of


    after doing some research i have a feeling that if you want to get your hands on an aircraft you have to be licensed although in SA you only need to be licensed if you have to 'sign work off'.


    Is there any chance of getting work if you are not a LAME?


    thanks for any comments/advice





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    Hi Joe,


    The simple answer is hell yes!!!!


    There are loads of Aviation companies spread around the main Airport, Parafield and Edinburgh Parks looking for AME's.


    I have very similar experience to you although i'm now off my tools in Project Management.


    PM me and i'll give you the names and contact details of companies to approach.


    All the best.



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