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    Hi To Any IT Contractors out there,


    I am looking for contract BA work in Adelaide. Just wondered if you find it better to go with the agency's PAYG scheme or have an umbrella company? Also, which one can you recommend? Had a Ltd company in the UK but the hassle doesn't seem to be worth it here.


    BTW ... anyone need a good BA?!



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    My reply probably isn't too relevant as my experience is from the 1990's, when you had to have your own limited company in the UK to be an IT contractor, there were no umbrella companies (I think the law changed around 1999). Anyway, when I got to Australia and realised I didn't have to form my own company I was only too happy to be paid by the agency. Maybe I might have lost out a bit financially but it was great to just get a payslip and not have all the hassle of running your own company. Another British contractor here told me there weren't the same benefits to be reaped as in the UK from running your own company. But it's probably all different now! I thought that maybe I would investigate it a bit more and could always start my own company at a later date - which I never did. I contracted through Paxus People - they were very good.


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    Guest PhilC

    I formed my own company and did it the same way we did it in the UK, but then we needed a Ltd company for the video side of things. I haven't met any (Aussie) contractors who have formed their own companies - which probably tells you something. Most seem to go via agencies, those that don't go direct to the client.


    There's a few big agencies in Adelaide, once you've contacted them, there's probably not much else to look at. Rohan Bishop at Candle ICT is a good contact of mine and probably one of the most pro-active I've come across so far. Have a chat with Talent and Hudsons too, that should give you a start.


    We may be recruiting for IT staff nearer to xmas, drop me a PM with your contact details and I'll contact you nearer the time.





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