Could anyone help us out?

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    Hi GUys,just thought i would see if there is anyone on PIA could help us out of our predicament.


    I have been in the UK since last October looking after my mum who is very seriously ill with multiple health problems,as my dad is not well enough to look after her.


    Due to her full time care requirements i have not been able to look for work nor am i entitled to any financial assistance in uk as i am classed as aussie resident.


    Hubby stayed in Adelaide and as he works full time we paid a dog minder to look after our lovely scottish terrier ,who frets terribly if left on his own.


    It has cost us a small fortune to do this and sadly due to hubbys relatively low wage and me not being able to work,due to mum we just cant afford to do it any longer.


    Does anyone know of anyone who maybe would like the company of a friendly Scottish Terrier for either a morning or afternoon.Hubby is going to come home at lunch,but he loves company and the vet is worried that if he is left for long periods then the stress could trigger bouts of Colitis which he suffers from.


    If anyone could help we would be so grateful.


    Thanks Sue

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    Guest seekingsunshine

    really sorry to hear about your situation :(


    does your dog get on with other dogs? just wondered if it would help his situation being with another dog at all? whether this would stop him fretting?


    i know its probably not possible for you to get another dog at this point (!!!) but perhaps anyone who responds would be more likely to have a dog already....and would need to know how your dog got on with other dogs?


    wishing you all the best x

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    Thanks good point.The people who looked after him have had their own and other dogs stay and he has been fine,but dogs i guess are like people you dont know until you are together whether you get on,but generally he is ok with other dogs.



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