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    Just adding this as a sticky so it's easy to refer to.


    There are so many baits to choose from so it pays to get the right one!:D


    Cockles are by far the most popular with anglers and the fish they catch.


    Please be aware that it is illegal to use anything land based as bait in the seas. Such as meat or chicken.

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    Cockles are by far the most popular bait used locally but there are two types.


    1) The Goolwa Cockle, as the name suggests they are mainly harvested around the Goolwa area. Mainly by commercial harvesters. During some parts of the year you can go down the Coorong Beach and harvest your own. They must be 3cm across at least.

    See here for more info and other catch sizes.....

    Fisheries | Catch Limits & Legal Lengths


    They are a very good bait but in the last few years have become very expensive!

    Also they are quite soft and fish will "pinch" them before you know it.


    A very good and natural bait though!


    2) Imported Cockles, Imported from warmer waters in the Far East.

    Normally retailing at half price to the Goolwa Cockle.

    They are much firmer on the hook and do last longer with the "pinchers"

    They have a different odour that some find very unpleasant.

    A lot more sand is found inside the shells and often small crabs are too. Before entering the country all stocks are irradiated to prevent and "nasties" entering this fine country.Selling by weight means that the cockles are not always half price due to the amount of sand inside.


    Personally I have not noticed any difference in catch rate between the two varieties.

    It might pay to experiment though.

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